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//0409/ALCORCON theater + circus cultural center third prize competition        

//[ca.ral] CENTRO DE LAS ARTES ALCORCÓN Project is based on a great scenic space –as a ship hold- continuous and posibilist. As an answer to the open program we propose a shaken architecture, not deterministic, mutable and deformable, able to adapt to artists proposals and cultural needs of the city.

To generate this shapeless space 21 possible scenes are accumulated. This structure of simultaneous scenes allows the use of the space as one or fragmented. The size of the scene depends on the maximum height of the program, is wrapped inside with a fabric of red acoustic cylinders and  divided by  teats  and mobile  acoustic  elements creating  a  scenic  moiré.


"So that is another rule for the whole nature of architecture: it

must actually create new appetites,  new hungers –not solve

problems;   architecture   is  too   slow   to  solve  problems."

Cedric .Price.


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