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//0603/VITRO V1 exhibition pavilion first prize competition                       BUILT VETECO 2006 - DEMOLISHED - 0.3MÄ  220m2

//Fast and disposable architecture built with rubbish. 25.000 pieces and 170 tons of glass are used for 35.000 visitors during 100 hours. The Vitro Pavilion was conceived, developed, built and destroyed in less than 6 months. Glass as an everlasting material used in a temporal exhibition, built with the main purpose of being destroyed.

ďFirst of all, I donít work in relation to any object. The object is the perception itself. Secondly, I donít work with any image, because I want to avoid an associative symbolic thought. Thirdly, I donít work in relation to any object or any point of view. Without image and without object, what are you staring at? You are staring at yourself lookingĒ

James Turrel, Air mass

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